Lodge of Perfection

The Joseph O.Eiler, Jr. Lodge of Perfection was organized in September 2015

and chartered on August 25, 2017.  The Lodge of Perfection has control over

 and power to confer the following degrees:

*  4th     Master Traveler                                        *  5th     Perfect Master

*  6th    Master of the Brazen Serpent             *  7th     Provost and Judge

*  8th    Intendant of the Building                      *  9th     Master of the Temple

* 10th   Master Elect                                              *  11th   Sublime Master Elected

*  12th  Master of Mercy                                      *  13th   Master of the Ninth Arch

*  14th   Grand Elect Mason

Officers for 2020 – 2022           

*Thrice Potent Master       Richard E. Milligan, 32°

*Deputy Master                   Ronald K. Beams, Jr., 32°

*Senior Warden                  William L. Nevels, 32°

*Junior Warden                  Archie R. Smallwood, 32°

Orator                                   Josh K. Mason, 32°

Treasurer                            Roy L. Wiseman, 32°

Secretary                            Ill.  Terry L. Kehrer, 33°

Offices marked with * are progressive and each officer serves two years per station.

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