Gedeliah Council Princes of Jerusalem

The Gedeliah Council Princes of Jerusalem was organized in September 2015

and chartered on August 25, 2017.  The Council has control over and power 

to confer the following degrees:


*  15th   Knight of the East                                   *   16th Prince of Jerusalem


                                   Officers for 2020 – 2022

*Sovereign Prince                Thomas L. Bartelt, MSA 32°

*High Priest                           Phillip W. Stroud, 32°

*Senior Warden                   Ray E. Saylor, 32°

 *Junior Warden                  Ryan J. Schuetter, 32°

Treasurer                             Roy L. Wiseman, 32°

Secretary                             Gary E Bridgwater, 33° MSA HGA


Offices marked with * are progressive and each officer serves for two years per station.

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