Corydon Consistory

The Corydon Consistory was organized in September 2015 and chartered in

Corydon, Indiana on August 25, 2017.  The Consistory has control over and

the power to confer the following degrees:

*  19th    Brothers of the Trail                 *   20th    Master Ad Vitum

*  21st    Patriarch Noachite                    *  22nd    Prince of Libanus

*  23rd    Knight of Valor                           *  24th    Brother of the Forest

*  25th    Master of Achievement          *  26th    Friend and Brother Eternal

*  27th    Knight of Jerusalem                  *  28th    Knight of the Sun

*  29th    Knight of St. Andrew                *  30th    Grand Inspector

*  31st    My Brother’s Keeper                *  32nd    Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret


                                                Officers for 2020 – 2022  

                        *Commander in Chief                    Jonathan M. McCracken, 32°

                       *1st Lieutenant Commander        Jose Aponte, 32°

                       *2nd Lieutenant Commander      Stephen Lee Shetter, 32°

                          Orator                                              Craig A Evans, 32°

                         Chancellor                                     Clark Ethan Whitehouse, 32°

                        Treasurer                                       Roy L. Wiseman, 32°

                        Secretary                                        Gary E Bridgwater,  33° MSA HGA


            Offices marked * are progressive and each officer serves for two years per station.

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